Friday, January 14, 2011

The Living Way

I have found a lot to like in Shinto spirituality. My latest find is a book of readings from the founder of the Korozumikyo sect. The stories of the founder themselves haven't spoken to me yet, but his litany, Daily Rules for the Whole Family, really speaks to my condition. Korozumi believed in devotion to Amaterasu, the Sun Kami, and had a universal, not Japan-centric, view of Shinto.

Quoting from the forward: "Though he [Korozumi] lived at a time when strict feudal code of behaviour separating the classes of society was in force... he always treated people equally. For him, each had within them a shard of the inner presence of Amaterasu, and so each had a right to equal treatment."

Daily Rules for the Whole Family

1. Born in the Land of the Gods, you shall not fail to cultivate faith.

2. You shall neither get angry nor worry.

3. You shall not give way to conceit nor look down upon others.

4. You shall not slacken in the work of your house except in illness.

6. While pledged to the Way of Sincerity, you shall not lack sincerity in your own heart.

7. You must never stray from the spirit of gratitiude.

The rules must never be forgotten.

Standing before you
others hold up mirrors
as their own hearts
And there within you can see
your own heart being reflected.

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