Friday, June 29, 2007

Wasting Time

I don't know if there is a Query like, "Do I use my time wisely?" But I spend way too much time reading political sites on the 'net, and very little time actually doing anything to change the political situation.

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forrest said...

Since you didn't put your email address in your profile, I'm using this as a way to address you specifically about your Islamic quote on RichardM's blog. (So feel free to remove this!)

The Sufi strain in Islam has a lot to recommend it, in terms of recognizing the common inspiration behind various religions.

But that notion (common to a lot of Christians as well) that we're here undergoing some sort of moral quality-control for an afterlife; I think it's a misunderstanding. Jesus says God gives sun and rain for the just and the unjust--not "He loves everybody for awhile but when He finally gets ticked, watch out!" And that's not a side issue, that's a core message! We are supposed to love each other without blame or condemnation _because God does_!

Yes, I'd like to be less of a jerk more of the time. But in trying to be better, I'm not working to prove anything, because I already know how this comes out, and it's "Me '0,' God 'infinity.' "

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